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Tracy Mothershed, a jazz vocal stylist whose talent is reminiscent of the past but takes it towards the future; blending international music & musicians to create art. Her vision is to reach audiences where they live, through their hearts & souls. 


Tracy Mothershed or just plain "Mothershed" as musicians affectionately call her; has been a disciple of jazz since early childhood... continuing a musical tradition of her accomplished family, she began her musical career at an early age winning awards and scholarships.  "She was singin before she was speaking" quoted by her mother.  She became the first vocal jazz graduate from Hampton Institute University.


Tracy's voice has graced a variety of venues worldwide:  jazz clubs, stage, screen, festivals and resorts to private and corporate events.  She has performed historic stages like the Village Gate, the Blue Note, Smalls, Showman's in NYC to Duc des Lombard, Le Bilboquet, Le Petit Opportun and Comptoir du jazz in France.


She counts herself as truly blessed because she has been mentored, taught  and performed by some incredible musicians:  Dr. Effie Gardner, Dr. Roland Carter, Robert Ransom, Derrick Gardner, Weldon Irvine, Larry Willis, Buddy Williams, Vincent Gardner, Carlos Henriquez, Ben Riley, Jimmy Scott, Stanley Banks, Alain Jean-Marie, Elios & Boulou Ferré, James Carter, Olivier Gatto, ... and especially her grandmother Minnie Mae Coates Carter. 


It's not hard to hear the many influences in her sound.  She loves many types of music but her first love is Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughan, Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Eckstine, Johnny Hartman and once again her grandmother whose voice she just could not get enough of...


Tracy finds it a great joy and pleasure performing and her style embraces the moment...  her voice is lush, warm, soulful, & makes you want to grab a glass of wine and relax; having an essence and flair of romance and nostalgia.


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